Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin


Warner Edwards Elderflower gin is described on their website as ‘summer in a glass’ and that is exactly what this tastes like.

I was bought this as a gift from my fiancé (I really hate that term, but I get told off by people for calling him my boyfriend) just for being so bloody great. If you’re going to get some gin as a gift, Warner Edwards is a pretty surefire way to go about it. The ornately decorated bottle comes in a box of the same colour and looks very special.

Having never tasted elderflower gin before, I was expecting quite a strong flavour. I was pleasantly surprised to find a really delicate, floral taste. It was not at all what I was expecting, but any more of an elderflower taste would ruin this beautiful gin.

This may not be the gin for people who are not into juniper-heavy tastes. You really taste the juniper at first and then it becomes quite floral.

I wasn’t sure what to drink Warner Edwards Elderflower gin with. I went for a classic G&T; Fever Tree light tonic, and lots of ice. For garnish, I tried a twist of lime, which was OK, nothing special. I then tried it with a slice of lemon which was far better and gave it a bit of a zing. I also tried this with ginger ale, but there was a bit too much going on for me. I’d really recommend this with tonic, it sums up the ‘summer in a glass’ description.

At around £32 a bottle, this gin isn’t cheap. It also isn’t one that you can drink a lot of in one go. However, if you’re looking for a gin with that bit of added ‘something’ or the perfect gin to buy as a gift, then look no further.

When I drank it

Trying to recreate the summer by drinking it on a chilly October night

What I used as a garnish

A slice of lemon

Is it worth the money?

Depends on your budget…. If you have a spare £30 to spend on a bottle of gin that you’re probably not going to have as your main bottle (we all have a main bottle then reserves, yeah?), then yes.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a gin that you’ll drink all the time, then this probably isn’t the gin for you.

You can buy it online here

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