Tiger Gin


The lovely people at Tiger Gin very kindly sent me some of their small batch gin to try. I was intrigued – a gin created by JJ Lawrence,  a Shropshire business man, in conjunction with master distillers. Would it be good? What if it was terrible?!

The bottle definitely impressed me as I opened the package that I’d been getting increasingly excited about receiving through the post. The silver and black label against the clear glass looks sleek and very worthy of the premium gin name.

So, on to the important stuff – the taste. Well, let me tell you now, it’s delicious.

The first thing you get from the taste is the juniper and then a wonderful tangy hint of citrus. It’s sweet but not overly so; the balance of citrus and floral notes are well balanced so that it’s crisp and refreshing without being overpowering. It’s also very smooth and incredibly easy to drink. I’m not usually a fan of neat spirits, but I tried this with a small dash of water and some ice and I was pleasantly surprised.

However, I’m too much of a G&T fan to drink too much neat gin, so I drank the rest of the bottle with lots of Naturally Light Fever Tree tonic, ice and a slice of orange. The orange accentuates the citrus notes in the gin and gives it a sharpness and sweetness that tastes like summer. It also makes your glass look really pretty and Instagram-worthy.

At £37 a bottle, Tiger Gin definitely isn’t cheap but it’s a good investment. JJ is a gin enthusiast, “my passion is gin” is one of the first sentences on the Tiger Gin website, and you can tell that this has been created as the ideal gin.

So has the Shropshire business man pulled it off? You bet your life he has!


When I drank it

On a cold, dark early October night

What I used as a garnish

A large slice of orange. It’s very good neat too if that’s your thing

Is it worth the money?

Yes, don’t be put off by the price tag. You can buy Tiger Gin online here

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