The Lakes Gin


I’ve been meaning to write this review of The Lakes gin since July when I got bought it for my birthday, but buying a house and becoming a fully fledged adult has consumed every second of my life for the last few months. But tonight is the night that I sit down, relax, and enjoy a gin from what is probably the best region of the UK – the North West (yes, I’m biased).

Once you break the seal of The Lakes Gin and hear that oh, so satisfying pop of the cork stopper being removed, you’re met with wonderfully light and crisp citrus notes that really reflect the beauty of the Lake District.

This gin is incredibly smooth, and the floral and citrus botanicals make it one of the most refreshing gins I’ve tried in quite some time. The taste is quite delicate which I was really pleasantly surprised about when I saw that it is 43.7%, so it packs a bit of a punch!

I tried The Lakes Gin with a couple of different garnishes and also with none at all. This gin definitely holds its own and I enjoyed it as a really simple G&T with ice. However, I do like a bit of a garnish so I tried it with lemon which came close to tipping the citrus scale just that little bit too much for me. Adding a couple of pink grapefruit wedges made this gin perfect for me, with just the right amount of sharpness and sweetness, so this is what I’d really recommend adding.

Overall I really enjoyed this gin, I just wish I could have really taken advantage of drinking it over the summer months because on a sunny day it would be even more delicious.

When I drank it

In the evenings, but it would be beautiful to drink sitting outside on a sunny afternoon

What I used as a garnish

Lemon or pink grapefruit. For me, the pink grapefruit definitely has the edge.

Is it worth the money?

For just under £30 a bottle, this gin is spot on.

You can buy The Lakes Gin here

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