Tarquins Gin


Tarquins Gin has been on my to-drink list for quite a while now, so when I unwrapped a bottle on Christmas day I was thrilled. I’ve always been intrigued about what was inside the bottle with the distinctive melted wax.

I almost didn’t want to break the wax, but I’m so glad I did.

Tarquins Gin gives you a big juniper hit when you smell it, followed by sweet fruit and floral notes. Southwestern Distilleries use handpicked violets in the distilling process, and once you taste the gin, the delicate floral flavour really is something special.

Southwestern Distilleries recommend adding lime to Tarquins Gin for the perfect gin and tonic. I didn’t try this – mostly because I kept forgetting to buy some. However, I did make some excellent G&T’s using frozen orange (this is my new favourite way of adding a fruit garnish; there’s no need to add ice because because the fruit cools the gin without watering it down) and with a twist of pink grapefruit peel. Both fruits are used as part of the distilling process, so adding these fruits highlights the flavours in the gin. They make it sweet, sharp and absolutely beautiful.

I mixed Tarquins Gin with Schweppes slimline tonic, and it made a really refreshing G&T. I haven’t tried with with any flavoured tonics, but I really don’t think this gin needs it. Simple tonic, fruit garnish and you have the prefect gin and tonic on your hands.

At around £32 a bottle, Tarquins Gin is a steal. I highly recommend you buy a bottle right now.


When I drank it

I drank it mostly in the evenings, relaxing after a meal

What I used as a garnish

Frozen orange or pink grapefruit peel

Is it worth the money?

Absolutely. For £32, this gin tastes very premium.

You can buy Tarquins Gin here

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