Raisthorpe Manor Distilled Dry Gin


I was kindly sent some Raisthorpe Manor Distilled Dry Gin to try by the lovey people at Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods.

Raisthorpe Manor use water from local Springs in the Yorkshire Wolds to distil their gin, and the result is brilliantly refreshing.

I tried a little sip of this gin neat and it was incredibly smooth, with a real hit of juniper with a citrus aftertaste. I wish I could tell you what other botanicals are used in this gin, but it’s a closely kept secret. As Raisthorpe Manor say on their website, it’s what makes this gin distinctly magical. And if you ever needed more encouragement to drink more gin, the Gypsey Streams the water is taken from is meant to bestow luck on whoever drinks it. So it is a no brainer really isn’t it?

On the nose, Raisthorpe Manor Distilled Dry Gin is sharp and citrussy, and it made me excited to pour myself a lovely large G&T.

For my first G&T with this gin, I used Schweppes tonic as I find it less bitter than Fever Tree and I didn’t want to overpower the citrus in the gin. It worked and made a great long gin and tonic. However, I think what just pips it to the post is Fever Tree’s Mediterranean tonic, which adds a floral hint and really complements the refreshing nature of the gin.

Garnishes weren’t really an issue with Raisthorpe Manor Distilled Dry Gin, as my first thought was lemon and I think it it’s the perfect addition to this gin. I have also tried it with lime, but it just didn’t have quite the same


When I drank it

On a beautifuly sunny afternoon, relaxing in the garden.

What I used as a garnish

A wedge of lemon.

Is it worth the money?

AT £39 for a 70cl bottle, Raisthorpe Manor Distilled Dry Gin comes with a premium price tag, but it’s a premium gin that is worthy of it.

You can buy Raisthorpe Manor’s dry gin here and you can also check out their range of other goodies on there too.

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