Poetic License Northern Dry Gin


Being a northerner, the bottles of Poetic License Northern Dry Gin on the shelf in my local Booths supermarket almost willed me to buy one of them.  How could I resist?

The bottles look amazing in their grey paper wrapping featuring the Poetic License logo all over. It’s a great move by Poetic License as it makes the bottles grab your attention above all the others on the shelf. And rightly so, it’s very good gin.

I bought this gin because my mum had come to stay with me. She also bloody loves a good gin and tonic. She was really excited by the bottle, she thought it was great. Poetic License Northern Dry Gin would make a great gift for any gin lover in your life, it just looks great. You also get a bit of a history lesson of the distillers once you take off the paper wrapping.

The first thing that becomes apparent when you try this gin is the juniper – there’s lots of it. If you like a really ‘ginny’ gin then you’ll love this. Also infused in the gin is cardomom, lemon and eucalyptus, and it creates a really warming and exciting taste.

I mixed this gin with lots of light Fever Tree tonic water and ice. As a garnish I first tried a classic slice of lemon, which gave it a really good sharpness. I next tried the pink grapefruit that the distillers recommend and it was delicious, still sharp but with a perfect little bit of sweetness.

At £30 a bottle, I thought that Poetic License Northern Dry Gin was very reasonably priced (my mum disagreed but she’s used to working in shilling and pence). Having the bottle and batch number on the label of each bottle makes it seem that extra bit special, especially as it’s small batch gin.

I’d really recommend this to any traditional gin fan. It may not be one for people who aren’t into that heavy juniper taste that a lot of craft gins don’t have these days. But if you love juniper then this will be a sure fire hit and a welcome addition to any gin shelf.

When I drank it

Saturday night in front of the TV

What I used as a garnish

A slice of lemon or pink grapefruit

Is it worth the money?

Yes, unless you’re my mum. If you’re not shocked by the price of quality gin these days, you can buy some online here


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