Fishers Gin


After a few months of lusting after Fishers Gin online, I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to a bottle. It’s probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is it a beautifully unique gin, the fishing net inspired bottle looks stunning as it takes pride of place on my gin shelf.

Fishers Gin was created to capture the essence of one of England’s most beautiful coastlines, Suffolk, and it does this perfectly. It tastes of the tangy British seaside air, reminiscent of childhood holidays on windy beaches.

Now, I’m not going to claim that I have any idea whatsoever about the taste of spignel, rock samphire or bog myrtle; but combined in this gin, they work wonderfully well together.  The botanicals for Fishers Gin are foraged from some very secret seaside locations, which makes this gin even more special.

I knew I needed to find a special mixer for this gin. If you’re going to spend the best part of £50 on a bottle of gin, then don’t scrimp on a tonic. I chose 1724 and it complemented it perfectly – not too overpowering to take away from the botanicals in the gin, and make a great G&T.

To garnish Fishers Gin, I tried a classic slice of lemon and a wedge of pink grapefruit. For me, the lemon brought out the citrus in this gin and just gave it the edge over the grapefruit.

One last little comment about this gin, is that at 44% it packs a serious punch as well as being absolutely delicious.

When I drank it

I had my first taste of Fishers Gin, quite fittingly, after a day at the beach. Since then, it has been kept for very special occasions and feels like a treat when I have a glass.

What I used as a garnish

Lemon or pink grapefruit both work with this gin. My personal preference was lemon, as it brought out the citrus in the gin a little bit more.

Is it worth the money?

Fishers Gin isn’t for those on a budget at almost £50 a bottle. Although, don’t let the price tag put you off – this gin is special and you won’t be disappointed.

You can buy fishers Gin here.

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