Edinburgh Gin Lemon and Jasmine


I love a citrus gin and I love a floral gin, so when I unwrapped a bottle of Edinburgh Gin lemon and Jasmine for my birthday last month I couldn’t wait to crack it open. I loved their rhubarb and ginger liqueur so I watched the clock until it was time to put the baby to bed and get stuck right in to this.

Once you’ve heard that most satisfying sound of a cork stopper being removed and have a little sniff of Edinburgh Gin lemon and jasmine, you are greeted by the wonderfully sweet and floral scent of the jasmine. When tasted neat, the gin is lovely and dry but oh, so aromatic. The lemon oil used to make this gin is a real hit if you are into your citrus gins, as this is the first thing to greet your palate before you get the juniper.

I drank this as a classic long serve G&T with plenty of slimline tonic (this 2020 lockdown has absolutely nothing for my waistline!) and a wedge of frozen lemon to garnish. Frozen fruit is my go-to choice of garnish as it means you don’t need any ice that’s going to dilute your drink. I was drinking this gin while the weather was beautiful and it was the perfect gin for a sunny day. Edinburgh Gin lemon and jasmine is a really crisp gin. Neither flavour is too prominent or overpowering, and it really is perfect for a long serve G&T.

When I drank it

In the evenings, sat in the sunshine with the BBQ going.

What I used as a garnish

A wedge of frozen lemon so that my G&T wasn’t diluted with ice, but still chilled.

Is it worth the money?

At about £25 for a 70cl bottle, Edinburgh Gin lemon and jasmine gin is one to keep replacing when you finish a bottle so that you are never without it.

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