Cuckoo Gin


I was lucky enough to be invited by the team at Cuckoo Gin to visit their distillery in Brindle, Lancashire. This gin is lovingly crafted by the family at Holmes Farm and I was really excited to try the fruits of their labour.

Before you even try Cuckoo Gin, you can’t help but be impressed by the bottle. It depicts the beautiful blue Lancashire skies (we do get them sometimes) and the landscape of the farm. Sitting proudly in the middle of the bottle is the Brindle Cuckoo. If you’re born and bred in Brindle then you’re a Brindle Cuckoo, and that’s just what Gerard, owner of Holmes Farm, is.

You get a big resinous juniper hit when you open the bottle and it immediately transports your senses to the countryside. This is followed up with zesty grapefruity citrus notes – it really does smell wonderful.

Cuckoo Gin is incredibly smooth and is one of very few gins that I can sip neat. Oats are used as part of the distilling process and the result is superb. Any regular readers of this blog will know that I’m primarily a G&T girl, but the complexity of the gin really comes into its own without a mixer. It’s juniper led with layers of sharp citrus and rich almonds. The chamomile gives this gin a delicate floral fragrance that is perfect with the citrus.

The recommended serve for Cuckoo Gin is orange peel and fresh ginger, mixed with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. Personally, I preferred a plain tonic as I could taste the citrus and ginger more, but if you’re into big, bold flavours then you’ll love it with the Fever Tree. I also tried this gin with pink grapefruit but the orange and ginger combination is pretty hard to beat. The spiciness of the ginger excites your sense of smell as you raise the glass to your lips, and orange complements this as you taste the gin.

At £40 a bottle this gin is definitely in the premium bracket, but after seeing first hand the love and dedication that goes into making it, it’s worth every penny. You can read all about my visit to the distillery here.


When I drank it

At any time, it’s incredibly versatile.

What I used as a garnish

Orange peel and a slither of fresh ginger, or pink grapefruit. The orange and ginger combo is the definite winner for me though.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. If you’re looking for a premium gin that is unlike any other, then look no further. It also packs a serious punch at 43%!

You can buy Cuckoo Gin here

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