Batch Gin


When there’s a gin distilled in your home county, you have to sample it. So when I found out that Batch gin is lovingly created in Lancashire, I tried it as soon as I possibly could. I thought the £30 price tag was pretty reasonable too for a small batch, artisan gin.

Even if you’re not from the glorious North of England, this gin will still be one of the best things you have ever tasted. I’m not even being biased here, I promise.

In amongst the 12 botanicals used in the distilling process are frankincense and myrrh. Now that’s something you don’t get in your average gin and tonic! The result is an incredibly smooth, warm gin that has just a hint of spice. Sipping this gin neat gives you a hit of peppery heat and sharp citrus in equal measure. It warms the cockles in the best way possible.

The aroma of this gin is as wonderful as the taste; the spice is the first thing that becomes apparent with a hint of orangy citrus.

I drank this gin mixed with Fever Tree light tonic water and lots and lots of ice.

I really enjoyed playing around with different garnishes for this gin. I used sliced fresh strawberries which added just the right amount of sweetness. (I also added a lime peel spiral, but that was more for Instagram purposes). I did add a slice of lemon to one glass of Batch gin that I had, which added a nice little bit of sharpness, but it didn’t come close to how strawberry compliments the flavour. If strawberry is your thing, you may love the next garnish idea that I tried; adding a few dried rose petals. I found some in my local supermarket and couldn’t resist trying them in a G&T. The rose adds a lovely hint of perfume and also goes perfectly with the fruit. If you can find some, I would highly recommend it.

I’ll definitely be investing in another bottle of Batch gin once this one is finished, it’s very (VERY) drinkable.


When I drank it

As often as possible

What I used as a garnish

Sliced fresh strawberries and a sprinkle of rose petals would be my first choice. Otherwise, a slice of lemon was also good.

Is it worth the money?

YES! You should buy a bottle immediately. You can grab yourself a bottle of Batch gin here



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