Arbikie AK’s Gin


Arbikie AK’s gin is a tribute by the Arbikie siblings to their father, Alexander, and what a sentiment it is. Arbikie Senior is a big fan of honey, so it has been incorporated into their AK gin. As someone who puts honey on anything, this was music to my ears.

I couldn’t resist a sniff of this gin as soon as I opened the bottle; it’s earthy and woody but the sweetness of the honey is there too. It smells absolutely delicious, so I didn’t hang around in pouring myself a generous G&T.

If, like me, you adore honey, then you will simply love this gin. It’s sweet and incredibly smooth with just a hint of spice. There’s a taste that I just can’t put my finger on, it’s almost marshmallow – not in a gimmicky flavoured gin kind of way – just a delicate sweet flavour that complements the earthy tones.

I garnished Arbikie AK’s gin a couple of different ways. At first I popped in a single maraschino cherry and let the fruit sweeten the gin even more. As well as giving the gin a pink hue, it really went well with the flavours of the gin.

My favourite garnish for this gin was fresh rosemary. I added a sprig to the glass and let the woody aroma mix with the gin. Although it looked very nice, it was a bit fiddly to drink, so I made some Rosemary ice cubes for my next drink of this gin and I’ll be doing this in future.

As well as being an absolutely beautiful gin,  at 43%, Arbikie AK’s gin packs a definite punch. It’s become a firm favourite of mine, and one I’ll definitely be investing in again.

You can buy Arbikie AK’s gin direct from their website here.

When I drank it

Over the Christmas season and saw in the new year with a celebratory glass

What I used as a garnish

Maraschino cherries or fresh rosemary

Is it worth the money?

Don’t let the £35 price tag put you off this gin. The Abikie range of spirits are produced entirely on their estate. You can taste the love and dedication in this gin. It’s going to be £35 well spent. Do it. You can buy some online here


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