6 O’clock Gin


If you haven’t seen a bottle of 6 O’clock gin before, prepare to immediately want to buy one as soon as you do. The deep blue glass with a huge silver figure six on the front makes this gin almost call out to you from the shelf to spend £35 of your hard earned money on it.

Once I had treated myself to a bottle of 6 o’clock gin, I fell in love with the bottle just that little bit more when I opened it at home. Instead of a cork stopper, this bottle has the super-satisfying clink of a glass stopper when you open it that makes you nod and congratulate yourself on a great purchase.

6 O’clock gin tastes pretty special too; Bramley and Gage really aren’t lying when they call this a ‘strikingly smooth’ gin. It’s a very clean and refreshing taste, which although has a definite juniper hit, is also quite citrusy. This wasn’t a gin that I could drink neat, but with tonic it was absolutely delicious.

I first tried 6 O’clock gin with some Franklin and Sons tonic (diet, naturally. Got to think of the carbs!) but it made the gin too bitter for me. The next G&T I made was with slimline Schweppes and it was so smooth and suited the gin far more. What I would like to try with this gin, but haven’t yet, is elderflower tonic. I think it would be a great combination. I’ll maybe come back to this review and update it with my thoughts.

For garnish, I tried this gin with a slice of orange but it didn’t really do much for me.  I was hoping that it would complaint he citrus in the gin, but it wasn’t quite the right flavour. What I think really suited this gin was a classic wedge of lemon, and this has been my garnish of choice for every glass of 6 O’clock gin that I’ve had since.

When I drank it

At 6 O’clock. Pretty much every evening at 6 O’clock


What I used as a garnish

A slice of lemon, simple but delicious. This gin really doesn’t need anything more

Is it worth the money?

Definitely. This is a gin you can drink at any time – like every 6pm! Buy it online here

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