If big, fancy cocktails aren’t really your thing, then you can’t go wrong with a negroni. It doesn’t come with a curly straw, it isn’t on fire and it doesn’t have any sweets teetering at the top of a mountain of crushed ice. What it does have is a simple slice of orange, and it is absolutely delicious.

You will need:

  • A good quality gin. I’d recommend a navy strength or a dry London gin (the simpler the better with dry London)
  • Campari
  • Vermouth
  • A slice of orange

How to make it:

Add some ice to a short glass then pour in the gin first, followed by the Campari and vermouth in any order. You can use whatever size measures you feel like, as long as they are equal. Adding the gin first isn’t essential but seeing the colour change as you add the ingredients is very satisfying. Give it a quick stir once all three spirits have been added and garnish with a slice of orange or orange zest, sit back and enjoy the zingy delight of the negroni.

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