Hello there, and welcome to Gin with Ginger, my little slice of the internet.

My name is Louise, I love gin and I’m ginger. I also love gin with ginger ale, so Gin with Ginger seemed the perfect name for this site. You can usually find me browsing the gin aisle in any shop that has one, looking for some that I’ve never tried; I like every bottle of gin I buy to be one I’ve never tasted before.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of gin…. I first tried it at a house party around age 17, when I thought I’d hit peak sophistication drinking (cheap) gin with bitter lemon in a ice frosted glass. Fast forward a few hours to me in a nightclub, crying my eyes out to a practical stranger about something or other. Probably an unrequited love, I was hardly a magnet for the boys in my teens.

So yeah, that kind of put me off gin for a good ten years or so.

Luckily my palate, and drinking habits, are a little more refined these days. Join me on my gin adventure, I hope you enjoy my thoughts, musings and general fangirling about the old mothers ruin.